AMNIS Water Technology

Domestic water treatment

Water softner systems, water treatment for your own water well

Industrial water treatment

Drinking water purification for waterworks and industrial plants. Water supply for industrial processes.


Filters and filter media for nearly all water technologies in the world.

About Us

Amnis Water Technology Ltd. has proven to be a rapidly expanding and innovative firm since the very beginning, which has a significant value in the environmental industry.

Our mission is to produce pure and high quality water with the latest modern technologies. With this, the company contributes to the health and wellbeing of people, so they can live a more conscious and sustainable life.

Amnis means running water in latin.

For us, Amnis means that every water is different, it is constantly changing - just like tasks in our job. Our main principle is to serve all our partners by adjusting to their needs 100%.


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Mobile number +36 70 318 5611
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Headquarters Fő utca 147/1., H-7694 Hosszúhetény, Hungary Show on map

Professional awards


Baranya Region
Environmental Protection Award


Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Certificate of Merit

Significant activity in environmetal protection


Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Managing Director

Károly Révész Ph.D.


  • Development of thermal water purification technology - and the supply of parts and filter materials. It has been used in several settlements with a total installed capacity of 400 m³/h.
  • The construction of water supply for an Aquapark. 10 m³/h capacity membrane technology.
  • Supply of iron-manganese filter media to a 100 m³/h water plant.
  • Quartz sand filter media for a 500 m³/h filtering equipment.
  • Biological ammonia decontamination filter media for a 200 m³/h filter.
  • Membrane degasser for 50 m³/h capacity, industrial use.
  • Complete water treatment for Bio Security Level 3 Virus Lab - drinking water and sewage.
  • Development and supply of a pH regulator for a filter with a capacity of 800 m³/h.